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So you have an idea for a canvas? Let's see what happens when we bounce it back & forth between us in emails, texts, sketches on napkins, photoshop mockups, and maybe even soundtracks.

I can build your canvas almost any size (all the way from about 8 feet wide/6 feet tall to 18" x 18"), making it exactly the right proportions for your intended space.  

Sometimes, it's as simple as, "Ed, my room is decorated in these colors and I really like the novel, Gravity's Rainbow."  Alternately, it's a long conversation that evolves over a few weeks until we arrive at what you want.

After that, I build the frame, stretch the canvas, prime it (or not, if you want the raw canvas color & texture), and start making a mess of my studio.

You'll get progress pictures as I go along, with the opportunity for suggestions, edits, and refinement of our ideas.

When it's finished, you'll have something that you helped create, and all your friends and family will think you're way more interesting and/or awesome.

Find your way over to the Contact page to get the process started.

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