Eberhart Creative Racing


A few years ago, a doctor told me that I was destroying my knees by playing soccer 4-5 times a week.  He said, "you're 30 years old, you've never had the genetics to be an athlete, and you've apparently been pounding your joints on a soccer fields for 20 of those years.  Take a year off, or should I go ahead and schedule ACL/MCL/PCL replacements for both knees . . .sometime in the fall, maybe?"


So I stopped.  And it sucked.


I couldn't play soccer, but I needed competition to satisfy all that leftover caveman angst.  I had been riding sportbikes for a while, even doing a few trackdays here and there. . . well, you can see where this is going.  Racing is fun; there's no illusions of going pro or looking cool.  I show up on Friday night or Saturday morning, go as fast as I can, laugh a lot, and then go home with what feels like a lighter, cleaner soul.  Pretty granola, I know, but it's very, very close to the absolute truth.  Going around a racetrack as fast as I can repairs something in me, and makes me a better human.


As you might imagine, racing isn't free or even cheap. Everything canvas I sell or shoot that I book goes directly into the racing budget, and I've been lucky enough to completely fund the last two years of racing out of my painting & photography work.  


With that in mind, thank all of you who have supported me by buying something.  



I clicked some buttons, but Wix made this. I was watching The Big Lebowski while I was working on it.